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Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Environmentally Safe
ENVIROLOCK is a water-based palletizing adhesive, so it’s non-toxic and contains no heavy metals or dioxins. And because it’s water-based, ENVIROLOCK is easy to clean up

ENVIROLOCK is safe to handle and use, and there’s nothing to dispose of when the loads are unstacked. Residual ENVIROLOCK on the containers is fully repulpable.

Superior to Stretch Film and Banding
ENVIROLOCK unitizes individual components of a pallet load, so the removal of one item does not require depalletizing the entire load. The rest of the load remains fully unitized.

Palletizing with ENVIROLOCK requires far less floor space than either banding or stretch wrapping.

Economical and Easy To Use
ENVIROLOCK can save you up to 50% compared to banding sand stretch wrapping!
ENVIROLOCK is easily applied by either manual or automatic dispensing equipment. There’s no fiber tear when items are depalletized.
ENVIROLOCK dries clear without leaving a tacky or gummy residue.


ENVIROLOCK’s high shear strength prevents side-to-side movement of packages during shipment. Yet it’s low tensile strength allows these same loads to be easily and quickly disassembled by lifting the packages vertically.

Important Advantages of Envirolock Water-Based Palletizing Adhesive
Recyclable water-based product
Eliminates plastic film disposal problems
Can be used on virtually any paper surface
Depalletize without fiber tear
Clean, clear-drying & invisible
Allows partial depalletizing
Graphics remain fully visible
Effective & easy to use
Formulated for optimum effectiveness when used with EVIROSKID pallets

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