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Envirotainer - Enviromentally Friendly Packaging

Welcome to Container Corp your source for recyclable packaging including the Envirotainer. Due to our revolutionary process, we have come up with environmentally friendly packaging that can be used for a variety of different needs. One such solution that we have come up with is the Envirotainer.

This liquid container is made up of low density polyethylene plastic to insure the quality of your goods in transport. This design has met the DOT, UN and the FDA guidelines and requirements. Also, this container can use pre-existing filling equipment, so that you don’t have to buy new equipment. Moreover, the Envirotainer has been used in both the Food and Drug industry.

This container also comes in a wide variety of sizes to meet your product’s volume and weight. Furthermore, it has been designed with the environment in mind, so it can also be a major selling point for your customers. Now with the worsening conditions on this planet in regards to the state of the ecosystem, you can now make the difference with the purchase of the Envirotainer to transport your liquid products. It can do everything that other containers can do yet it is much more environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is also an approved shipping container of the United Parcel Service.

Our container is versatile and very cost effective. Also, it can be folded up in a more compact configuration, which will give you a space savings ratio of 8:1. We even offer a corrugated fiberboard over pack for use in conjunction with the Envirotainer insert. So this product is even better because corrugated is the one of most easily recyclable material on the planet. Now you can save more money by recycling, because waste disposal fees are going up. With this durable material you can rest assured that your product will reach your client in perfect condition. So, you never have to worry about spillage worries again.

So if you want a container that can face all of what’s out there and you want to think about the environment then get the Envirotainer from Container Corp Canada.

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